Hello, my name is Vernon Arias. I'm the founder and CEO of 7 Armor and dedicated to helping people prepare for the future. I am native to Curacao, Netherlands Antilles and proudly live in the United States of America. 


As a teen, my education and baseball talent provided me multiple scholarships and several choices on where to attend college. After weighing my options, I landed in Central Florida where I continued collegiate baseball and completed my degree. My heart for protection has followed me since childhood and after that passion combined with my interest in bodybuilding, it led me to study and work within the security field.


Beginning with my time in Florida to presently working in Ohio, I've leveraged every opportunity to learn and train with experts. As a father to four, I know how vital it is that people make it home safely, family is everything. That's why I love what I do. Because of the years I've spent studying and working in this industry, my passion for security has been instilled in my wife and four sons. Our boys love anything related to preparedness, wilderness survival, and outdoor adventure. 


Our family cannot wait to meet you and share our expertise, care, and attention to detail for all your security preparedness needs. 

Our Mission

7 Armor is a brand devoted to empowering people by providing business and safety solutions with excellence. Whether you're a CEO, congregation or family, our custom safety solutions and training will arm you with the knowledge, application and tools needed to have peace of mind. 

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