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Seven Seeds Survival Camp is a hands-on preparedness experience where your child will learn about safety and survival techniques, be encouraged with a growth mindset, and learn skills that will help them feel more confident.


Registration Open Dates coming soon!

How often do we meet? We will meet for two hours once a week for three weeks, for a total camp time of 6 hours.

Where? Linnville Rd,  about 1 mile from Licking County Animal Shelter (An exact address will be provided in your welcome email.)


When? Stay tuned....


Cost: Camp registration is $195 per child. This registration fee covers all of the items they will receive to build their starter survival bag, including the tactical bag, their time in class for three 2 hour sessions, and character and team-building activities. It's so much fun!


Each registered child is going to receive items to help them build a starter survival bag. Review the list of items included in this class below and if you're unfamiliar with anything, we encourage you to look up all of the items. This will help ensure that you're familiar with the items included in your child's registration. If you're unsure what something is, look it up and be sure you are comfortable with what items your child will be learning about and coming home with throughout camp. 


Each registered child will receive a starter survival kit which includes: a tactical bag, multitool, cordage, mylar blanket, flint striker, cover, flashlight, reflector tool, and Warrior Words. On the final day of camp, we are going to have the kids recognize their teammates and showcase what they learned! 


Important: The parent or legal guardian of the registered child is required to sign a release form that will be sent to you via email after you register your child(ren). This form will need to be completed, signed, and returned to Seven Seeds Society by the beginning of the first camp day. Without the form signed and returned, no one will be permitted to attend camp. We will not issue refunds for the missing classes due to the form not being returned. 

Seven Seeds Survival Camp for Youth

  • Registration for camp includes physical products as well as a hands-on interactive learning experience. Once a child is set up with a paid registration, there will be no refunds issued. All items included in the registration will be yours to keep. 

    Failure to sign the release form by the first day of class will disqualify the registered child from being able to attend camp until the form is received. There will be no refunds for camp days missed due to the form not being signed and returned before camp begins. The child can join in on any of the remaining camp days as long as the form is signed and returned to Seven Seeds Society.

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