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Finding adventure at every turn.

Our Story

We are the Arias family, and time together is our favorite thing.


Through the 19+ years of security and preparedness experience and training Vernon has; our boys were really immersed into what we call, "the adventure ways", from the start. We're always finding an off the beaten path to explore, a new place to go camping, or finding fun ways to stay on top of our preparedness and survival skills. We homeschool our younger boys and our two oldest have flown the nest. Survival and preparedness have always been such a fun way to have quality time with all four of our kids, and it's become an integral part of how they live life and learn.


Seeing a deep affection for all things survival blossom in each of them while watching their protective nature and preparedness skills grow, has brought us so much joy. With our society so focused on tech and other distractions, families are experiencing a war on connection. It's always been our heart to be intentional about the relationships we build with our kids, so we set out on a mission to create family time that developed life skills and included adventure along the way. It's been such a win for us!


We took that passion for our family, turned it into something to serve other families, and Seven Seeds Society was born.








We wanted to be part of launching something that actively impacts families struggling with connecting and help offer fun ways get outdoors. We are on a mission to help families break through the war on connection and be part of a society where family is priority. A society that encourages, equips, and supports character growth while strengthening family relationships.


We have found a true love for helping other families! Spending time enjoying the wide-open spaces, teaching kids' safety and preparedness tips for outdoor adventures, and embracing new adventures along the way, are some of the ways we have encouraged other families. 

It's been our experience that children thrive when their family thrives. Our hope is that you'll find encouragement, activities, and resources here that help you strengthen your family bond, and a place your kids will grow life skills to last a lifetime. We cannot wait to connect with you!


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